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Cycloidal gear reducer adopts meshing cycloid pin gear, planetary transmission principle, usually called planetary cycloid reducer. Planetary cycloidal gear reducers can be widely used in petroleum, environmental protection, chemical, cement, transport, textile, pharmaceutical, food, printing, lifting, mining, metallurgy, construction, power generation, and other industries.

Let Me Introduce

What is a cycloidal gear reducer?

As a drive or reduction gear, the machine is divided into horizontal, vertical, biaxial and straight league assembly way,etc. Its unique stable structure can replace ordinary cylindrical gear reducer and worm gear reducer in many cases. Therefore, planetary cycloid gear reducer is widely used in various industries and fields, and is generally welcomed by the majority of users.


Characteristics of Cycloidal Reducer

Its transmission process as follows : input shaft equipped with a 180-degree dislocation of the double eccentric sets, replaced with two eccentric turn as a roller bearing arm, the formation of H-, two cycloid round hole at the center shall uplink Eccentric Roller Bearings arm, which cycloidal gear needle round and meshing phase, comprising a difference of the teeth meshing with the gearbox.

High efficiency

High reduction ratio, high efficiency. The single-stage reduction ratio is 9~87, the double-stage reduction ratio is 121~1849, and cycloidal gear speed reducer efficiency can be over 90%.

Structure compact

It is adopts the compact structure of the planetary transmission part. It puts the input and output shafts on the same axis, so the cycloidal gear reducer has a compact structure.

Long life

It is adopting scroll contact, high carbon chrome steel Gear, and quencher treatment for the main parts. The rigidity can be HRC58-65. So it has dependable durability and a long lifespan.

Oil lubrication

Adopting the grease and not easy to leak oil, this cycloidal gear speed reducer can be installed in any position and angle to the user’s needs.


Cycloidal Reducer for Sale

The following list is only a partial display of cyclo gear reducer products, and more cyclo gear reducer products are in succession on the shelves. Please contact us by email if you need to buy a cyclo gear reducer. Email: [email protected]

How it Works

Cycloidal Gearbox Working Principle

The heart of a cycloidal drive is the cycloidal disc, whose geometry plays a central role in the kinematic of the gearbox. The profile of such a disc can be traced back to a cycloid. That’s why the gearbox is called a cycloidal drive. Since cycloidal drives reduce the speed, they are also referred to as cycloidal speed reducers.


Drives A Cycloidal Disk

An eccentric shaft (drive shaft) first drives a cycloidal disk. Fixed ring pins are arranged in a circle around the eccentric shaft, in which the cycloidal disc engages. Due to the eccentric motion, the cycloidal disc is driven around these pins so that the cycloidal disc rotates around its axis of symmetry.


Cycloidal Disc Drives the Pin Disc

There are holes in the cycloidal disc which, unlike the eccentric shaft, now rotate clockwise. Roller pins of a pin disc engage in these holes. In this way, the cycloidal disc drives the pin disc, to which the centrally mounted output shaft is attached and which is coaxial with the input shaft.


Transmits Very High Torque

Due to the symmetrical load distribution, two cycloid discs are often used in practice, offset by 180°. This ensures that the unbalance forces compensate each other, resulting in smoother operation at high speeds. The double design of the cycloidal discs also allows very high torques to be transmitted.

operating temperature

The Temperature of the Cycloid Reducer

The operating temperature of the smooth oil in the cycloid pin gear reducer should generally not exceed 90 degrees Celsius. Excessive temperature will alter the physical and chemical properties of the oil. For example, reducing the viscosity of the smooth oil reduces the bearing capacity of the smooth oil film, which may eventually lead to a direct touch of the working tooth surface and the tooth surface to glue.


Conditions of Use

The working position of the horizontally mounted cycloid reducer is horizontal. The maximum horizontal tilt angle during installation is typically less than 15°. Other measures should be taken to ensure adequate lubrication and prevent oil leakage when it exceeds 15°.

continuous working system

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The cycloidal pinwheel reducer can be used in the continuous working system while allowing both forward and reverse directions.

input power

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The rated speed of the input shaft is 1500 rpm. When the input power is greater than 18.5 kW, it is recommended to use a 6-pole motor with 960 rpm.

axial and radial forces

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The output shaft of the cycloid reducer cannot be subjected to large axial and radial forces. Other measures must be taken when there are large axial and radial forces.


Application Of Cycloidal Reducer

There are many specifications and models of the cycloid reducer. For example, there are the B series, X series, and 8000 series. There are many categories of cycloid reducers. Therefore, it also has many applications and can meet different requirements. It can be widely used as a drive or reducer in many industries, such as petroleum, environmental protection, chemical industry, cement, transportation, textile, pharmaceutical, food, printing, lifting, mining, metallurgy, construction, power generation, and many other industries.


Learn about Cycloidal Gear Reducer

What are the requirements for the lubrication of cycloid reducer?

1. The horizontal cycloid reducer adopts oil pool lubrication under normal conditions, and the oil level can be kept in the middle of the oil sight window. When the working conditions are wrong and the ambient temperature is high, circulating lubrication can be used.

2. Cycloid pinwheel reducer generally chooses 40# or 50# mechanical oil lubrication at room temperature. To improve the performance of the reducer and extend the service life of the cycloid pinwheel reducer, it is recommended to use 70# or 90# extreme pressure gears. Oil lubricating oil should be reconsidered when working under high and low-temperature conditions.

3. The vertical installation of the planetary cycloid reducer must prevent the oil pump from cutting off the oil to avoid damage to the parts of the reducer.

4. When refueling, you can turn the breather cap on the upper part of the seat to refuel. When draining the oil, turn the drain plug at the bottom of the main seat to drain the dirty oil. There is no lubricating oil inside the reducer when it leaves the factory.

5. New oil should be replaced for 100 hours after the first refueling operation (clean the dirty internal oil), and then continue to work afterward. Replace every six months (8-hour work system). If the working conditions are wrong, the oil change time can be appropriately shortened. The practice has proved that frequent cleaning and oil change of the reducer (such as 3-6 months) play an essential role in extending the service life of the reducer. Lubricating oil should be frequently added during use.

6. The factory-made reducer has been greased and replaced every six months.

What are the precautions for installing the cycloid reducer?

1. When installing couplings, belt pulleys, sprockets, and other coupling parts on the cycloid reducer accessories’ the output shaft is not allowed to use direct hammering methods because the output shaft structure of the reducer cannot withstand the axial hammering force. You can use the shaft end screw hole to screw the screw into the coupling piece.

2. The output and input shaft diameters are matched with GB1568-79.

3. The eyebolts on the reducer are only for lifting the reducer.

4. When the reducer is installed on the foundation, the elevation of the installation center line, the levelness, and the relevant dimensions of the corresponding parts should be calibrated. The concentricity of the calibrated shaft should not exceed the allowable range of the coupling.

5. When the reducer is calibrated, it can be carried out with steel or cast iron spacers. The height of the spacers is not more than three, and it can also be carried out with a contract iron, but the reducer should be replaced with flat spacers after calibration.

6. The configuration of the cushion block should avoid causing deformation of the machine body and should be arranged symmetrically on both sides of the foundation bolts. The mutual distance can be enough to allow the water slurry to flow freely during irrigation.

7. The irrigation of cement slurry should be dense, without bubbles, voids, and other defects.

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We are committed to the production of high-quality cycloidal reducers and gearboxes. We cooperate with the Industrial Technical Research Institute to develop the latest technologies and gear reducer solutions for our customers. All of our cycloidal reducers are machined and assembled in-house by our expert technicians to maintain excellent performance, precision, and durability.

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