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We are aiming to fulfill the demands of the customers around the planet.. focus in electrical power transmission goods, CATV items, mechanical seal, hydraulic and Pheumatic, and marketing items. Advanced thermo therapy tools, these kinds of as community heat treatment method oven, multi-use thermo therapy oven, and so forth.

Information desk.

Details: Element name:
Design NO: KOMATS PC40 PC45-one PC45-2 PC45MR-3 PC45MR-five PC45R-8 PC45MRX-one Go over AS.
FAEPTER Push(Go over).
SHAFT-EPT Equipment.
PLANETARY Equipment.
(INCEPTS Provider, BOLT amp RINGS).
Gear PLANETARY(2ND Phase).
Carrier GP(INCEPTS Carrier, BOLT amp RING).
Equipment AS-EPT(INCEPTS Gear amp RING).
EPT Ring.
Swing Planetary Provider Assembly.
Swing EPT.
Journey EPT.
Earth EPT.
Planetary carrier.
Dimension: MIni- Excavator
Condition: EPT.
Warranty: On the web.Assist.Video clip technical assistance
EPTmark: HLT or According to buyer wants.
Transportation Bundle: Carton/Fumigated.EPTen Case
Origin EPT.


Make sure you refer to KOMATS Parts Catalog/Support Manual to check if your EPT is suited. If you are not sure about the suitability, you can provide us with the serial quantity of the KOMATS EPT by electronic mail or telephone to verify them.

Portion Quantity
20T-twenty five-71102 07000-15200 FUGPF-1-eight TZ310B1571-01 708-7R-00013 843200688 708-7T-13421 TZ510B2014-00
20T-25-71101 TZ550A1018-00 FUGHS50018803 TZ850A1571-00 708-7R-00012 843000188 708-71-13510 TZ571B2015-00
20T-twenty five-71170 TZGM3-8 FUROA-264 TZ512B1006-01 A708-7R-11611 843200665 708-7T-13560 TZ550A2016-00
20T-twenty five-71180 TZ511B9000-01 FURO-P14-ninety TZ512B1107-00 A708-7R-11710 843200637 708-7T-13530 TZJB1354-4-ten
5711-01434 22M-26-31000 FURO-P8-ninety TZ510B1008-01 A708-7R-11720 843200635 708-7T-13540 TZ510B2571-00
57110-51270 22M-26-22310 FUMHB2B8882A TZ573B1017-00 A708-7R-04011 843200653 04065-03815 TZJB15062-208F
20T-60-72120 22M-26-22410 FUMHB2B28535 TZ310B1013-00 708-7R-11220 843200664 708-seventy seven-13611 TZ573B2070-00
TZ312B211101-A 22M-26-29420 FUMHB2B24954 TZ573B 1571-00 07002-11223 843200663 708-seventy one-13342 TZ534B2076-00
TZMB700-060 22M-26-29410 FUMHSH2B4954 07000-05200 708- 7R-11210 843200650 708-7T-13121 TZ310B2074-00
TZ300B2044-00 22M-26-22560 FUMHCB22805 TZJW1516-G26-seven 722-ten-91130 843200630 708-7T-13250 TZ573B2085-00
TZ121F2070-00 20S-26-71190 FUFZD-4954-10 T2ES100-178-B 709- 32-12861 843200649 708-7T-16110 TZ419D200000-F
TZGM1-8 22M-26-22320 FUFZD-4671-26 TZ573B9000-00 07002-11823 843200662 708-7T-16130 TZ419D2105-00
04260-0571 22M-26-22420 FUFZS-2632-27 TZES100-178-B 07000-57125 843200628 07040-11812 TZ410D2070-01
TZ300A2052-00 22M-26-29440 FUFZD-4954-17 TZ571B2035-01 01252-61230 843200458 22M-25-2110′ TZ410D2002-00
TZ300A2056-00 22M-26-29430 FUFZS-2817-29B TZ571B2039-01 A708-7R-12111 843200627 22M-sixty-32502 TZ410D200300-F
TZ300A2051-00 22M-26-22141 FUFZD-4954-20 TZ571B2078-01 A708-7R-12140 843200626 FURO-P7-ninety TZ410D2009-00
TZJB2401-P22-9 22M-26-22131 FUYB-5-eight 20U-sixty-42111 A708-7R-12150 843200625 22M-26-00033 TZ410D2012-01
TZ300A2054-00 14X-fourteen-19241 FUPP-H7-8X15 TZ411D1000-02 A708-7R-13111 843200624 22M-26-00031 TZ410D2013-00
TZ300A2055-00 20U-26-22160 FUTH-10X25 TZ550A101900 A708-7R-13210 843200661 22M-26-00030 TZ410D2077-00
TZ300A2053-00 22M-26-29110 FUR0-G135-ninety TZ410D1035-00 A708-7R-13540 843200660 22M-26-11160 TZ410D2090-01
07000-12012 22M-26-21111 FURO-P7-9D TZ410D1107-00 A708-7R-13530 806000045 22M-26-11120 P DK I seven three
TZGM1-four 01252-61245 FURO-G125-ninety TZ18820528A627 A708-7R-13560 855661172 22M-26-11140 708-7T-57150
TZ200B2073-00 01643-51232 FURO-G115-90 TZ411D1001-01 A708-7R-13520 857115578 22M-26-11180 07000-22016
TZ300B2039-00 20T-26-81220 FURBO-G125 TZ410D10061 A708-7R-13510 857140133 22M-26-11170 07001-57116
TZ823B2043-00 22M-26-22211 FURBO-G115 TZ4157108-01 A708-7R-13340 843200611 22M-26-11190 07002-57134
TZ300B2042-00 22M-26-22220 22M-25-21101 TZ410D1017-01 A708-7R-13310 843200612 01253-61220 20T-sixty-82121
TZ510B2002-01 07049-01215 57110-81270 TZ860A101W A708-7R-13410 843200684 01253-61200 20T-60-82120
06000-06004 04064-03818 708-7R-15131 TZ410D1571-00 A708-7R-13581 843200614 22M-26-11110 TZ573B200001EA
TZ15Z-17-35-eight 708-7R-571 22N-60-51300 04064-57112 A708-7R-13570 843200685 22M-26-11130 TZ573B200300-E
TZ512B2004-00 708-7R-00420 FUFZD9300-1-02 07000-11008 A708-7R-15130 20T-26-00110 708-7R-05710 TZJB 1506-2-208
TZ310B2007-01 708-7R-12130 FUFZD9300-one-06 TZARP568-249-7 A708-7R-15121 20T-26-71141 708-7R-00131 TZ534B2076-01
ATZ510B2105-00 708-7R-12140 FUFZD9300-one-08 TZ4157133^ A708-7R-15140 20T-26-71320 20S-26-81310 TZ599B100Q-00
TZ310B200301-C 708-7R-12150 FUFZD9300-one-09 TZ810B2571-00 07000-12110 07042-35711 708-7T-51210 TZ5738100003
TZJB1501-eighteen 04065-5718 FUFZD8339-1-ten 07000-12014 A708-7R-15170 070491215 57182-1571 TZ573B1001-00
TZ310B2032-01 708-7R-13130 FUFZD8388-1-40 TZ534B2077-00 07000-12095 20T-26-71231 57196-11009 TZ599B1102-00
TZ510B2070-00 708-7R-13272 FUFRP-1288-thirteen TZ419D9000-00 07001-57195 20T-26-71150 57182-10316 TZ599B1132-00
TZ310B2008-00 720-sixty eight-19610 FUFZD8339-one-forty 0700G-11008 A708-7R-15150 07000-57160 20R-sixty two-11311 TZ573B1132-03
TZJB1506-2-208 708-7R-13540 FUFZD9300-one-15 TZ100188BA627 A708-7R-15160 07012-00090 22M-62-16150 TZ55OA1O19X
TZ550A2014-01 708-7R-13530 FUFZD8322-one-seventeen TZ571B203M1 A708-7R-15712 20T-26-71121 57182-15710 TZ57381104-02
TZ310B2571-00 708-7R-13560 FUFZD8322-1-20 TZ410D2039-00 A708-7R-15722 20T-26-71311 07235-15710 TZ573B1204-02
TZIRTW-32 04065-03012 FUFZD8272-one-fifteen 20T-26-05712 708-7R-5711 20T-26-71132 20B-27-11210 TZ573B1009^
TZ550A2009-00 708-7R-13590 FUFZD8322-1-23 20T-26-05711 708-7R-15670 20T-26-71180 07002-11423 TZ573B10060
06000-06201 708-7R-13370 FURA-thirty-P 20T-26-05710 706-73-72680 20T-26-71211 57196-11008 TZ573B1107-00
TZJB 1354-four-10 708-7R-13320 FUROA-263 20T-26-81180 843000192 20T-26-71170 57182-1571 TZ573A1014-00
TZJB 1354-eight-16 708-7R-13420 FUFZD8144-one-34 20T-261121 843200682 20T-26-71111 20T-62-71611 TZ573B1571-00
01252-30820 708-7R-15122 FUGPF-1/8 20S-26-81260 84320571 708-7T-00122 708-7R-00131 TZJW151626-7
ATZ512B1102-00 708-7R-15211 FU1BB25159640A 20T-26-81430 8432571 07049-57112 A708-7R-11630 TZJW1516326-seven
ATZ512B1132-00 07000-B2115 FU9485710B2514 20S-26-71160 843200681 07042-25718 A708-7R-04070 TZ571B2O350
TZ550A1019-00 07000-B2085 FURO-G125-9D 20S-26-71250 843200680 20T-26-71340 431-40-11210 TZ571B2571
07000-11007 708-7R-15241 FUYB-5/8 20T-26-81190 843200679 20T-26-71330 A708-7R-12120 843200666
TZJW1516-G26-9 07000-B2100 FUFZD4532-one-26 20T-26-81140 843200678 57110-51055 A708-7R-13241 843200667
ATZ510B1001-01 708-7R-15230 FUFZD4532-1-27 20T-26-81250 843200677 01643-31032 A708-7R-13240 843200641
TZES100-178-A 22M-60-32501 FUFZS2571-54-2 20T-26-71190 843200676 07235-1571 A708-7R-13590 843200642
TZ550A1571-01 22M-60-32500 FUFZS287528B31 20T-26-81151 843200675 07002-12034 A708-7R-13360 843200668
07000-15210 FUGHB-four-8235 FUFZD9300-two-29 20T-26-81150 843200674 07235-10422 A708-7R-13351 843200644
ATZ510B1571-00 FUGHC4B28235 FURO-G110-90 20T-26-81231 843200673 20T-sixty two-71640 A708-7R-13320 843200645
TZ310B1017-00 FUFZD-8322-02 FURO-G100-9D 20T-26-81160 843200672 07002-57134 A708-7R-13420 843200658
TZ510B1011-00 FUFZD-8090-06 FURBO-G110 20T-26-71221 843200671 571101434 A708-7R-15131 843200647
TZ51 OB 1104-00 FUFZD-8090-09 FURBO-G10D 20S-26-71451 843200670 57110-51235 A708-7R-15122 843200659
TZ51 OB 1204-00 FUFZD-8090-10 20T-twenty five-81100 20T-26-81210 843200582 01643-31232 A708-7R-15180 84305716
TZ51 OB 1009-00 FUFZD-8090-twelve 20T-twenty five-81160 20T-26-81171 843200498 708-seventy one-11211 07000-12115 04064-01510
ATZ310B1571-01 FUFZD-8322-thirteen 20T-25-81170 20T-26-81170 843200499 708-seventy one-11612 708-7R-03030 TZ51 OB 1008-01
ATZ850A1571-00 FUFZD-8090-14 57110-81265 01253-61210 843200669 708-7T-11120 TZ751B200000SG FUFZD-8503-twenty five
ATZ310B1013-00 FUFZD-8090-15 22N-60-11122 01252-61290 843200683 57110-31060 TZ573B2002-00 FUFZD-8144-34
TZ550A1014-00 FUFZD-8322-16 TZ596B1000-01 20T-26-81240 843200686 708-7T-12211 TZ573B200300-S TZ573B 1104-02
TZ511B1107-00 FUFZD-8322-seventeen TZ596B1001-00 20T-261220 843200617 708-71-12240 TZ510B2004-01 TZ573B 1204-02
04064-57112 FUFZD-8090-twenty TZ573B1102-03 20T-261110 843200618 708-seventy one-12250 TZ510B2105-00 04064-04018
TZ511B1006-01 FUFZD-8322-23 TZ573B 1132-03 20T-26^1130 843200619 708-7T-12230 TZ510B2030-00 708-7R-00014
843200689 708-7T-05571 TZ550A2013-00 20T-261130 843200687 04065-5718 TZ571B2012-02 708-7R-00014

Perfect and saftey package
The standard bundle is wooden box. the wooden box will be fumigated.If container is as well tigher,we will use pe movie for EPT or pack it in accordance to buyers EPT ask for.

We will deliver with picket circumstance by convey, air, sea or land as your ask for.
If significantly less than 45KG, I advise categorical like DHL, FEDEX, TNT…
If forty five-300KG, I recommend air to airport.
If far more than 300KG, I recommend sea to seaport and land to town.

Our Companies
1. StXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rd solution design and style
two. High top quality material assortment
3. Advanced EPTed manufacture amp testing products
4. Advanced manifacturing approach and production EPT
5. in the line with EPT stXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rds

six. By EPT time testing, proved to be great condition

We have EPTized in generating excavator areas for numerous a long time, and we seem EPT to doing work with you.

Q: When will ship my order?
A: When we get affirmation of payment, we will attempt our greatest to ship orEPTwithin 24 hrs.

Q: How EPT does it just take to my deal with?
A: The Regular shipping and delivery time is four-seven days, relying on which place you are in.Except for personalized items

Q: How can I monitor my order?
A: We will ship you the monitoring variety by electronic mail.

Q: If I am not satisfied with the items, can I returns items?
A: Of course, we offer trade and mend provider unEPTwarranty. Remember to get in touch with us ahead of you want to return.

  in Pune India  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Mini Excavator Accessories PC45 PC45mr-1 PC45mrx-1 PC40r-8 Carrier Roller Assy Travel Gearbox Reducer Swing Motor Pinion Shaft Planetary Pinion Gears manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Pune India  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Mini Excavator Accessories PC45 PC45mr-1 PC45mrx-1 PC40r-8 Carrier Roller Assy Travel Gearbox Reducer Swing Motor Pinion Shaft Planetary Pinion Gears manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler