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Chopper Shaft for Case-IH Suger Harvest Combine


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87239618/47721020 Chopper Shaft for Case-IH Suger Harvest Combine



87239604 Chopper Shaft for Case-IH Suger Harvest Combine

Chopper shaft
The chopper shaft for the Case-IH Sugar Harvest Combine is a mechanical component that guides the cutting blade over the row of sugarcane. It is comprised of 2 counter-rotating parallel drum shafts that are connected to the cutter head assembly through bearing housings. The shafts are turned by a hydraulic motor to maintain a constant speed. To achieve an even cutting motion, the cutters have synchronized blades that move with 1 another, forming a path on the row.
The chopper shaft is a critical component in the sugarcane harvesting process, as it allows the machine to cut the crop in a uniform fashion without damaging the stalks. Compared to the conventional chopper shafts, this 1 features an offset design that gives it the appearance of a hoe or shovel. As a result, this chopper harvester produces billets of about 300 mm in length, which is considered an excellent compromise between load density and deterioration.

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